Delivery and Warranty Service

Delivery and Warranty Service


Q: How long does the delivery take?


A: Once the order is accepted, our deliveryman will contact you within 3 working days to confirm the delivery date and timeslot. Please reserve time for waiting on the agreed delivery day and timeslot. 


The delivery period is 7-14 working days from the date of purchase. Delivery date of promotion products and out-of-stock products might be varied due to high demand, please understand the changes of delivery date. If there is a typhoon or a black rainstorm, the delivery period will need one additional working day.



Q: How to change the delivery date and timeslot?


A: At least 1 working day prior must be given if there is any change on delivery date and time (Customer Service hotline: +852 9130 7547/ 5596 3432). When goods are sent upon customer instructions and remains undelivered due to customer own issues, all re-delivery and related costs are to be borne by the customer.



Q: Is the delivery service applicable to all areas in Hong Kong and Macau?


A: The delivery service is applicable only to Kowloon, Hong Kong and the New Territories including Tung Chung and (Discovery Bay - HKD$350). Exception of Outlying Islands, Sha Tau Kok (Restricted Area). For Macau district, please contact our Customer Service hotline: +852 9130 7547/ 5596 3432.


Q: What circumstances is there an additional fee for delivery?


A: Logistics surcharge (whether first delivery, or customer requests for door-to-door inspection, repair and replacement in every time, the "logistics surcharge a)/ b)/ c)" incurred during the period will be borne by the customer, the surcharge in cash should be paid by customer to our authorized deliveryman.)


a) The delivery service is applicable only to Kowloon, Hong Kong and the New Territories (Discovery Bay HKD$350 paid by cash only), exception of Outlying Islands, Sha Tau Kok (Restricted Area). 


b) Extra delivery fee for stairs: It will be charged if deliveryman needs to carry the products and go up or down stairs to arrive at the delivery location. Additional delivery fee for stairs will be charged when staircases are involved. The fee will be calculated on a per-item basis and incremented by each floor (every 10 steps in HKD100). All of the above fees are charged directly by our authorized deliveryman to the customer in cash.


c) Extra delivery service fee: If the road/ delivery location which prohibited truck weighted 5.5 tones, or/ and over 50m parameter of the unloading point, the surcharge HKD50 in cash (will be calculated per 50m) will be collected from customer by our authorized deliveryman.



Q: Is there a 7-day damage product exchange guarantee after the product is purchased?


A: If the goods are defective due to shipping defects, customer can request a replacement from our customer service department within 7 days upon receiving the goods. Replacement items are limited to the same model, color, and size. Returned goods must be in “good condition". After inspection determining the damage is not caused by anthropic factor, customer service department will assist you in exchanging the goods. 


Exception of display items. 


All items will not be refunded/ returned.

Customer Service hotline: +852 9130 7547/ 5596 3432.


Q: Where should I send my product for maintenance?


A: For small item/ designated item, please contact our customer service department in advance for appointment and bring it back to OneTwoFit warranty center for the arrangement. Contact our customer service for more details.

Customer Service hotline: +852 9130 7547/ 5596 3432.



Q: How long is the warranty period for treadmills, walking pads and exercise bikes?


A: OneTwoFit provides 1-year free warranty period for new fitness equipment (mainly for Treadmills, walking pads and exercise bikes)(according to the delivery note/ receipt address shall prevail, if the address is different, the company reserves the right not to provide maintenance services), including damages of internal mechanical parts caused by non-human factors, however, damages caused by human factors is not covered. If necessary, the Company has the right to take back the products and return it to the factory for repairing. 

For more details, please refer to the warranty service terms and conditions on OneTwoFit’s Delivery Note/ Receipt. 



Q: Is adjusting/aligning the running belt and apply silicone oil includes in warranty /maintenance services scope?


A: Adjusting/aligning the running belt and apply silicone oil are NOT included in the scope of on-site inspection/maintenance services. If you need on-site service/assistance, an additional service fee of HKD600 will be charged in advance and please provide a receipt for proof of payment to OneTwoFit customer service. After our confirmation, on-site service appointment will be made and arranged.


Q: Do you have a video for adjusting/aligning the running belt and apply silicone oil?


A: Yes. Please scan the below QR Code for  reference.



Q: What is the maintenance fee for products that has passed the warranty period?


A: During the non-guaranteed period, the company will charge on-site service fee, repair fee and parts fees on a one-time basis if the customer requests for maintenance. (for details, please contact Customer Service hotline: +852 9130 7547/ 5596 3432.) The cost of product maintenance depends on the type of product and the condition of the damage. Customers can decide whether to adopt the maintenance services after enquiring the maintenance fee. 


The received damaged products will be sent to OneTwoFit's Warranty Center for further analysis. 

The maintenance fees should be paid in advance and provide a receipt for proof of payment to OneTwoFit customer service. After our confirmation, on-site inspection appointment will be made and arranged.


In order to provide better service, please contact Customer Service by email at whatsapp +852 9130 7547/ 5596 3432 and provide below items before on-site inspection:

a) Delivery Note/ Receipt from OneTwoFit

b) List machine problems in detail, and provide relevant pictures or videos

c) Code of product (if any)


For the warranty terms and services in Hong Kong, if there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, product manual and online warranty terms, the Delivery Note (Chinese version) shall prevail.


Above service charges are subject to change without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, ETAKIN E-COMMERCE CO. LIMITED reserves the right to make the final decision.